Summer is over and it is time we looked back on the experiences we had last season and shared our memories as we are getting ready for winter.

When I am asked what I did in the summer, I say that I worked in a windsurfing station.

Exercising the sport you love in a paradisiac environment, you are inspired to improve as an athlete as well as a human being. The hours you spend with ambitious beginners or even with passionate professional windsurfers play a part in it.

Here are some of the lessons I drew during the last months while windsurfing with my friends:

  • See where you are going.

If you look down, you lose balance and you fall off your board. The same thing happens when you aim at a goal and you lose faith in yourself. The sport automatically gets more interesting and tempting. When windsurfing, you are the one who decide on the route and that means looking ahead.

  • Don’t be afraid,

In windsurfing this means ‘’keeping your arms stretched’’. Your movements must be clear and decisive. Fear and doubt are beyond any thought.

  • Have the wind behind you

Strong wind and rapid water. Don’t fight against the powers of nature. You won’t make it. Bow your head, think and cooperate. In that way, you may take advantage of the existing conditions.


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  • Get to know your limits.

Don’t underestimate or overestimate your potential. Be conscious of your level, take slow and steady steps and assess your upward course. Safety has a lead over fun. You don’t want to damage the equipment, harm yourself or somebody else.

  • Smile when you fail.

You will fail all the time. The only thing you have to do is smile and see the positive side. It’s no use getting upset or disappointed every time you fail. Besides, every effort makes you wiser.

  • Do it for yourself, not others.

Windsurfing is even more enjoyable when you practice it with some company. However, its immediate purpose is to make any windsurfer have fun, not to make spectators happy. Don’t compare yourself to others and try be a better version of you every time.


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  • Practicing leads to perfection.

Talent means loving something so much that you can devote a lot of time to practice without getting tired. Making an effort always brings results even if this is not always obvious.

  • Details make the difference.

Sometimes we underestimate the power of details. This fact, however, can affect our technique, the choice or adjustment of our equipment and as a result, our session can be special.

  • Always be happy, not satisfied.

It is important you be happy and proud of what you have achieved. However, you should know that there will always be something you can develop. This thought is to drive you on and constantly get better it will not make you feel bad.


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  • Open your eyes and ears.

There are people around who will be happy to instruct you and advise you if you are capable of taking anything they instruct you or show you at their face value. Dare ask a lot of questions and develop the knowledge you gain from others who are more experienced than you are.

  • Never give up.

Giving anything up is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It is certain that the more you try the better you get. And the more you get better, the closer you get to what you want to achieve.


So, what’s your plan for next summer?

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